Natalia Rocha, 8 months pregnant, and her husband are having brakfast in their house
Casa - Sala
07:45, Braga, Portugal

Natalia Rocha, 8 months pregnant, feeds her birds.
Casa - Sala
08:15, Braga, Portugal

Natalia Rocha and her husband kiss each other before going to work
Casa - Sala
09:00, Braga, Portugal

Natalia Rocha, 8 months pregnant, receive a massage for her legs
Conexões - Cuidado
14:00, Braga, Portugal

Natalia Rocha, dentist and indipendent worker, is preparing her self for the daily visits, everyday her job is harder since she is 8 months pregnant
Trabalho - Equipes
14:45, Braga, Portugal

Natalia Rocha, dentist, working. Natalia is a indipendent worker and she is pregnant of 8 months, since if she is not working she doesn't receive she has to work until the end of the pregnancy.
Trabalho - Equipes
15:45, Braga, Portugal

Natalia Rocha is an indipendent worker, she is a dentist. She is pregnant of 8 months but she decides to work until the last day, in fact if she doesn't work she doesn't get a salary. In the picture Natalia is joking with her assistant after a visit.
Trabalho - Equipes
16:45, Braga, Portugal

Natalia Rocha, after a day of work, relaxes on the floor of her living room playing with her cat
Casa - Sala
17:45, Braga, Portugal

Natalia Rocha set the clothes to dry.
Casa - Sala
18:09, Braga, Portugal

Natalia Rocha prepare her self to go out.
Casa - Sala
18:56, Braga, Portugal